Leadership and Organisational Performance

AJO's highly qualified experienced consultants work with organisations and schools to review and address pivotal people and organisational issues. We provide solutions with the sector knowledge and experience of our consultants to maximize strategy effectiveness, overall organisational performance and wellbeing.

AJO Consultants offers the development and delivery of leadership programs for all levels of leaders and we support leaders managing teams through team development programs.

Leadership effectiveness is about delivering results through others and in the organisation of which they are part. AJO consultants will work with organisations to develop a fit for purpose program, strategies and systems that are aligned with vision and mission and can be readily implemented and monitored for effectiveness. The focus will strengthen organisation culture, values and behaviours.

Our consultants provide expert assistance for particular teams and individuals to enhance their psychological wellbeing. This commences with an assessment to identify needs, strengths and leverage points, followed by recommended solutions.

What have we achieved? We have undertaken a review of governance and financial viability and sustainability and provided options papers and specific plans for Boards and executive teams. We have undertaken organisational reviews, consulting with key stakeholders and staff and provided improvement plans and strategies. We have designed performance management approach/systems including policy and procedures, systems and training for staff and managers.

We provide a review of organisational culture and provide strategies and programs for improved staff and volunteer engagement and reduced absenteeism and presenteeism.

We conduct training in a range of areas including team development and leadership workshops with different types and levels of teams from across a range of sectors.

Our psychologically healthy workplace program works with teams and individuals is tailored to the particular situation and may involve: workshops on wellbeing, resilience, healthy teams and leadership and/or performance management and how to have difficult conversations.