I met Andrea O'Byrne while she was working in a senior role at Child Wise, a child protection organisation. Andrea has worked in senior positions in a long career focussing on child protection. The nature of child protection work and the harsh reality of the work at the coalface are common reasons as to why many leave this work feeling disillusioned. However, Andrea's desire to better protect children and her belief that children can be better protected have never wavered.
Not only does Andrea have the knowledge and skills to develop educational curriculum, she is also able to deliver training that inspires participants and gives them both the knowledge and confidence required to protect children. I feel fortunate to have met and worked with Andrea

Vivien Resovsky, Social Worker, author and child protection advocate

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Andrea O’Byrne In undertaking the consulting role, Andrea conducted a root cause analysis of areas of concern. She provided us that report along with a set of recommendations for organisational improvements linked to the analysis of the information. A short, medium and long term action plan was then developed which addressed the greatest risk and highest priorities in the first instance.
Andrea reviewed the implementation of the child safe standards, identifying gaps and as well as assisting in undertaking a deeper drill into what those standards meant and how they could be achieved. As part of that work, Andrea developed a complaint and incident reporting system which we implemented. This allowed us some data to track and trend incidents and provide opportunities to address risk and find creative solutions to systemic challenges and barriers. The risk register and risk management plans were reviewed.
Andrea worked across the organisation, engaging in a strength based, solution focused style. She provided training and mentoring individually and collectively to assist in getting on the same page and working together. Andrea mentored us on how to communicate transparently on issues of concern with staff, students and parents while remaining respectful and sensitive to the various parties experiences and expectations.
We learnt a great deal and our whole organisation has changed as a result. Andrea has been an inspiration to work with

Deputy School Principal

Andrea O’Byrne joined the Prioletti Consultants team to develop and deliver specialist training for all disability services in the sector including safeguarding and abuse prevention in organisations. The participants and organisations have all evaluated the programs Andrea has developed and delivered and have given a very high rating of satisfaction and extremely positive comments. Those that have attended have followed up again seeking further training for their staff. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Andrea as a Consultant and trainer

Josie Prioletti, Director, Prioletti Consultants

Andrea is an inspiration and such an amazing woman. Andrea had such a beautiful way of dealing with people, everyone from residents, managers, care staff and especially, myself. I aspire to be half the clinician and woman that she is

Annie Berne, Clinical Co-ordinator, Wesley Mission

Andrea was an awesome trainer, delivered very difficult training topics in a way that could be integrated into practice

Sport and recreation training participant

Excellent training and team building session. Developing a deeper insight into ourselves and applying that in the workspace is very helpful

Jo Chalmers, Maternal and Child Health

I have been to a lot of child protection training and this one was by far the best – I would be happy to provide a testimonial and would highly recommend Andrea’s training

Training participant

Andrea was an awesome trainer, delivered very difficult training topics in a way that could be integrated into practice

Training participant

Tony O’Byrne has a breadth of vision and experience in Catholic Education having exercised key leadership/principalship in secondary colleges. His ability to think through issues with sensitivity and imagination for his clients gave us confidence and clarity. Tony gave wise advice on alternative ways of understanding and acting in difficult circumstances, while leaving us free to make a final decision. His calm, respectful attitude set a good context for negotiation. Objectivity was communicated by his careful attention to facts and details, information which was presented clearly and effectively. We felt assured of his confidentiality.

Sr Nola Vanderfeen, Presentation Sisters Leadership Council

Inviting Tony O’Byrne to work with 15 Middle Leaders at our College provided all participants with an invaluable experience. In short, Tony O’Byrne is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and real.
Tony’s background as the Principal of a large secondary College for many years ensured that he was very knowledgeable about the series of 4 skill and competency based modules that he presented on ‘Leadership in a Catholic School.’ These modules were based on contemporary international educational thinking that had been mitigated by a wealth of personal experience. Tony was extremely professional and able to clearly communicate with the staff who are either aspiring to, or currently in, positions of leadership. He was very well organised and able to quickly establish a comfortable rapport with his audience. The feedback from staff indicated that they very appreciative of both the content and style of Ton’y presentation - and they were professionally enriched by the experience.
I would recommend Tony to any educator who wants to increase their leadership capacity in a manner that is consistent with what they want from life.

Greg Stewart, Director of Staff Development, Whitefriars College, Donvale